Ainmhithe Animal Rescue finds 24 dogs in one house

Last month Ainmhithe Animal Rescue got a call from the sister of two elderly farmers, one of them had a learning disability. The situation that met us was very distressing there were over 24 dogs both adults and pups present.

The farmer was very worried we’d “take” his dogs as the local authority had called before and took one dog. We soon realised that this man clearly loved his dogs but just didn’t know about spaying/neutering. He handed over all the pups to Ainmhithe in order to bring to the vets. Since then we have been spaying/neutering all the adults. We are now also are in the process of advising and helping with building an outside run for the dogs (as they were all indoors).

As one can imagine this has been a huge amount of work involved as our volunteers had to go collect one dog at a time bring to the vet and return that evening with a clean training cage which we have left with the farmer.

This was bad situation that has worked out well for the dogs and the farmer as now he has all his dogs that he loves very much and they will have a good quality of life as they will not be breeding any more.

But due to the enormous strain this has put on our organisation we now need help with the vet bills.

We are urging all our friend and supporters new and old to help us clear our debts.
Please donate what you can

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