Deise Animal Sanctuary need 120k! Any ideas?

Deise Animal Sanctuary in Waterford need your help!

Our future is under threat as the land that we rent for both grazing for the horses and essential hay making, is now being sold off at auction and we need to raise €120,000 to buy it.
Without the land it leaves us in a very difficult situation, the hay is needed to feed the animals in winter, without cutting it ourselves we would need to find another 12 thousand per year in hay alone, and we desperately need the extra grazing to accommodate the increase in number of equines we are taking in. In the past 4 weeks alone we have taken in 3 donkeys,1 horse and 2 foals……and we expect to be taking in many more animals especially with the up coming change in legislation here in Ireland.

deise_animal_sanctuaryOur long term plan was to always buy this land but we thought we had years to save up, but sadly the land owner has decided to sell now. We have many long terms plans for the sanctuary, we planned to use the sanctuary and its animals to educate children and adults in animal care and welfare, hoping to get official accreditation for trainee vets, vet nurses, animal care students, as well as continuing to offer work experience placements to schools, colleges and university students. We want to be able to offer people a place to stay with land to camp on with facilities and help increase tourism to the area while protecting its beauty.

The land included also has a 6 acre wood which we are looking to turn into a nature trail for the public as well as a safe haven for feral cats. With the land as ours we can then put a stop to the hunting on it and all the wild life we deal with can be protected and released where we can guarantee they will be safe. We can turn the area into a conservation area which both two legged and 4 legged creatures can benefit from.

Now here’s the big issue….we only have 4 weeks to raise the money!

For the first time ever we are now asking for money, or suggestions in how we can do this, maybe there are business’ that want to help, do you know someone rich and famous, have you won the lotto? Any ideas at all, we will listen, any help will be greatly received.
We appreciate at the moment that we are in difficult financial times, but anything, no matter how small will all add up.

Any donations little or large can be done through Paypal (Email or to send a monthly/annual donation go to our website.

You can also pay direct into our bank account:

Bank Name: Bank or Ireland
Sort Code: 906005
Account No: 41341098

We know it’s a big ask, and we hate asking but we really need your help…..please……and thank you

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