Lola’s Transformation

Recently, Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary were contacted by the PSNI to assist with the removal of abused and neglected dogs locked in a squalid, filthy house in Belfast. Crosskennans volunteers were horrified at what they witnessed; the floor was thick with dog dirt, they had no food or water and had essentially been left to die.

lola crosskennan
Lola’s before picture with her matted hair and one of the Jack Russells who was skin and bone

The worst case was a little Shih Tzu who had been locked inside a cat carrier, her leg badly broken and so caked in poo that she could hardly move – initially we thought she was dead, but then saw her tail try to wag through her knotted filthy coat! The dogs immediately rushed them to Cedar Grove Vets who did an amazing job assessing and treating the dogs. Our Vet, Gilbert McKnight, said it was one of the worst abuse cases he’d ever seen. Unfortunately one of the little dogs who we called Sally was too far gone to be saved, so was quietly put to sleep.

Lola's filthy cage and Sally who sadly had to be put to sleep. RIP little girl
Lola’s filthy cage and Sally who sadly had to be put to sleep. RIP little girl

Fortunately there is a happy ending for Lola. After her operation she required intensive nursing and lots of TLC, so she was fostered by one of our Volunteers – Debbie. After going through so much together, Lola and Debbie formed a very strong bond with each other and therefore Debbie has decided to keep her! What a happy ending for Lola – she is now being treated like a princess!

And here she is today. Almost unrecognisable from when we rescued her and what a transformation.

lola crosskennan

The remaining dogs are a beautiful mixture of Jack Russells and they are now looking for loving homes to call their own. If you are interested in giving any of Lola’s friends the home they deserve, then please contact us on or 02894 465384.

We DESPERATELY still need funds to help pay for the  other 7 other dogs that were rescued. We are making a heartfelt appeal to our supporters to PLEASE give what they can via this link: or you can simply text CLAS12 and the amount you want to donate to 70070. Alternatively you can post a cheque or postal order to 26 Crosskennan Lane, Antrim, BT41 3SG.

Without your kind support we could not save as many Thank you for your support.

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