Foster a Kitty today!

We need foster parents for our Kitties! Big, small, young and old, we have them all. Please help us to help the cats.

Have you thought about getting a companion cat but feel your present lifestyle just doesn’t suit a long term commitment? Or maybe you’re not sure how you and a cat would get on? Or do you already have a cat but feel that one more in your home on a temporary basis would not be a problem? Then perhaps you would think of becoming a fosterer for Adopt A Pet?


Kitten season is now in full swing and cats rescues in Ireland cannot cope with the influx. If we don’t get enough fosterers some cats will have to remain where they are. This means they are susceptible to illness, unwanted pregnancies, have to scavenge for food and are quite often living in unsafe areas. We want to help as many cats as we can. That’s where you come in.

A loving foster home works wonders for cats and kittens who have experienced abandonment and hard times and it prepares them for their new home. – All animals are health checked and the majority of cat rescues take responsibility for all medical expenses

Reasons why you should foster!

1. It saves stray cats and kittens from living outdoors in hostile environments.
2. It removes cats and kittens from possible traumatic shelter environments and gives them a happy home to live in (and be trained) while they await their forever home.
3. It gives the foster parent the benefits of having a pet without the long-term commitment (or gives their pet a playmate).
4. It allows the foster family to learn the animal’s personality so they can help the forever family determine whether it’s a good fit for them (animals don’t behave like themselves in shelters—how would you act in jail?).
5. It allows the foster family to screen applicants and ensure that the pet is going to a good home.
6. If you plan to adopt a cat in the future, it gives the foster parent incredible insight into what they do or don’t want in their own pet.

And of course if you happen to fall in love with your new foster friend and want them to stay, you can become part of the famous “failed fosterer club”. We wont mind!

If you think you could help out and foster a cat, kittens or indeed a mama cat and her babies please get in touch with Adopt A Pet today!



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