National Chipping Month

This September 2014 sees Ireland’s National Chipping Month campaign run in collaboration with veterinary organisations and welfare groups to promote the concept of microchipping companion animals and to ensuring that the data stored on the appropriate database is correct and valid.

Ran in conjunction with Fido, Dogs Trust and sponsored by Allianz, National Chipping Month (NCM) aims to promote proper chipping and registering of pets across Ireland. Currently by law every dog owner in Ireland is legally obliged to ensure that their dog is wearing a collar and identification disc. By 2015 every dog will also have to be microchipped.

So why microchip in the first place? Thousands of dogs and cats go missing each year in Ireland. Some are lost and wander off, others are unfortunately stolen. While exact figures are not known it is estimated that approximately  1/3 of dogs never make it home and the figure is even higher for felines.

4,904 dogs were put to sleep in dogs pounds in 2012. Please don’t let your dog be on of the statistics for 2013. Microchip today.

To celebrate National Chipping month Vets, Welfare organisations and Pet Shops are getting in on the act and offering registration checks, low cost microchipping and even free microchipping.

Fact: Did you know it is not just Dogs and Cats that can be chipped. Horses are also required by laws to be chipped and more and more pet owners are chipping their rabbits, ferrets and other small furries.

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time you microchipped your friend?

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