Adopt a Battery Hen


7,000 battery hens are due to be sent to slaughter at the end of November 2014.
Littlehill Animal Rescue in Kildare want to save them and need your help to do so.

Each year tens of thousand of battery hens in farms around Ireland are sent to slaughter when their egg laying productivity slows down. Littlehill Animal Rescue are organising for people to adopt hens from one of these farms before they go to the factory. Last year they managed to save all 7,000 hens!

If you have ever thought about getting a hen now is the time to do so! Or maybe you already have some hens and can squeeze in a couple more? As many of you are aware battery hens live a miserable life, tied up in tiny cages and finally when their egg laying days are over the majority are sent to be culled.

The hens that are saved will repay you with delicious eggs for years to come and will provide endless fun and companionship. They are very friendly, inquisitive & sociable ! And we like to think they are knowledgeable that you have enabled them to see the outside world, the sunshine and the grass for the first time in their previously miserable existence.

So if you would like to adopt a battery hen now is the time to prepare and get ready for the new friends in your life.

Hen Hotline

This year Littlehill have set up a dedicated Hen Hotline.
If you would like to adopt a new feathered hen all you have to do is text your name, location and number of battery hens you would like to adopt to 085 8353077.

What you will need:

A warm, draught proof shed/kennel and a dog/fox proof run. Paired with some food and water and you should have some very happy hens

When collecting:

Please bring either strong cardboard boxes (2 hens per box) or cat or dog carriers to bring the hens home in.


We will be arranging deliveries around the country, but will also need volunteers to help with deliveries.

Donation Fee:

There will be a small donation fee of €5  (which hopefully will put off the people who want them for the wrong reasons)


Please take as many as you possibly can or encourage your friends to do so. If you cannot take hens you could meet and help Littlehill on the day. Or you can Transport/Foster/Hold hens for people that cannot take the hens on the day. ANYTHING you can do to help is very much appreciated.