Visit Ethical Eggs on Facebook or on their Website
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Visit Ethical Eggs on Facebook or on their Website

Ethical Eggs

Ethical Eggs is a new Facebook page and website for Ireland which allows people to find out where they can buy humane eggs directly from small farmers and hen owners.

Ethical eggs will mean different things to different people, to some it will be just somewhere to find locally produced eggs which are tasty and produced by happy free chickens. To others it will be a protest against battery egg factory’s or even the factory farms with thousands of chickens but claim to be free range because they open their barn doors every day.

So how’s it going to work???
If you have eggs register as a supplier of happy free chicken eggs and if someone is looking for eggs from your area they can find you by selecting their county.

No prices will be set and hen owners are more then free to give their eggs away or ask for premium prices, it is totally up to them. However we expect most owners are looking to pay for their running costs of feed etc, and if they make a couple of bob along the way all the better.

We are also not going to try and define what is ethically produced, number of chickens per acre of run or per square foot of coop will not be asked before your accepted by the group or anything, but we’re sure the group will guard against any mass producer using the page as advertising.

Ethical Eggs Ireland

Visit Ethical Eggs on Facebook or on their Website