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If you have made the decision to bring a new best friend in to your life and are visiting this website, chances are you have chosen to Adopt!

While adopting a pet can usually take longer than buying a pet the process is usually much more rewarding. Knowing that you are not only saving a once abandoned pet but also allowing another needy pet to take it’s place is priceless.

So if you have seen a pet you like on our site or perhaps would like to contact a rescue to see if they might have a good match for you please read the below.

7 steps to adoption:

1) Contact the rescue.
This can be done by using our built in enquiry form on each individual pet or by phoning the number advertised.

2) Fill out an adoption form.
While this can be off-putting for some adoption forms are in place to ensure you and your potential new friend are the best possible match for both your lifestyle and needs.  Most dogs will need a secure garden. If they escape they will most likely be unable to find their way home in unfamiliar surroundings. Please note that some rescues do not rehome to households with young children.

3) Meet your potential new friend.
This is the exciting bit.

4) Home visit.
All responsible animal rescues will carry out a home visit to see if the environment the pet is going to live in is suitable. Don’t worry, they are not there to critique your decor, check out every room or ask how much your salary is. It’s usually a friendly visit to have a chat and see that your lifestyle matches your required pet.

5) Pay the Adoption fee.
Adoptions fees vary between rescues but unfortunately does not always cover the cost incurred to the rescue. For example, a dog may have been neutered (usual cost €180) had 2 sets of vaccinations (usual cost €80) and had several other treatments such as worming and defleaing.
Please give more than the requested donation amount if you are in a position to do so.

6) Bring your new pet home.
Please remember It takes time for a new pet to settle in. Much like humans they need to trust their new surroundings and feel comfortable before their real personality begins to shine. There is usually a minimum period of 2-3 weeks before an animal will settle.

7) Enjoy. These will be some of the best years of your life!