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Bela and Fera

Bela and Fera were born to a wild mama in a garden in Cabra. Their mama has been healthchecked and spayed and returned to her garden, where she has a shelter we provided, and is being well cared for as a garden cat.

Bela and Fera were terrified when they were first rescued and have been inseparable ever since – they play together, sleep together and eat together! They will still cry if separated from one another.

Bela (female – longhair) has a wonderful purr-sonalitiy with a mane to match. She is a calm but mischievous kitten who doesn’t shy away from heights and loves to daydream of playing outside whilst looking out the window. She and her brother are inseparable and love to explore together, she loves to play with his toys when he’s not looking as Fera is a little overprotective of his favourite plastic ball. Bela is truly the most wondrous kitty cat who deserves to find her perfect forever home.

Fera (male – shorthair) is a bold, affectionate kitten and what he lacks in grace and coordination, he makes up for with purrs, cuddles and his entertaining antics. An avid mischief maker like his sister, he loves adventures and is not afraid to climb and paw whatever he deems worthy. Fera and his sister love to race around the house while chirping and performing elegant acrobatics. He is a true lap cat and wants nothing more than to be petted while pawing blankets. He has a natural talent when it comes to modelling and loves attention. He also likes to sit and play in his litter box for some reason.

Bela and Fera are dreaming of the day they get to settle in their forever home, have the freedom to play outside again, and even the opportunity to make friends with other kitties! Prepare to be followed around the house and have your heart melted by their cute antics on a regular basis.

We do not know how well they will get on with children or dogs. We will only be homing these siblings as a pair.

(Reduced cost vaccinations and microchipping available)

Age: 7 – 8 weeks old when rescued on 06/05/19
Neutered/ Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

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