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Bela and Fera

Bela and Fera were born to a wild mama in a garden in Cabra. Their mama has been healthchecked and spayed and returned to her garden, where she has a shelter we provided, and is being well cared for as a garden cat.
Bela and Fera were terrified when they were first rescued. Feisty Fera tries to hide his fear by pretending to be a tiger and he hisses to scare away any human predators he fears as about to eat him and his sister. His weakness is his love of food and he is very play motivated. He lets his fosterer pet him as long as he is distracted by either. Overall, he seems to have a very bold personality and endless energy to play. Bela is still very timid and shies away from being petted, even when there are food and toys around. She’s gentle, laid back and prefers watching her brother play most of the time. They’re very bonded and will cry if separated from one another.
We do not know how well they will get on with children, dogs, or other cats, once they are fully tamed and socialised. We will only be homing them as a pair.

Age: 7 – 8 weeks old when rescued on 06/05/19
Spayed: No
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

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