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Cara and Sophie

Cara and Sophie were rescued from a garden in Saggart with their two siblings who have now been adopted. They are super friendly and easygoing and are both real purrers!

Cara is so friendly and is very affectionate – especially when she is hungry! Cara always has a mischievous look and likes to play. She will always take a nap on your chest or lap after all that playing and purr like crazy. She is also very adventurous and is a delight to watch, searching for new adventures. She jumps and climbs like a pro. She is an adorable kitten and always wants some cuddles. A real cuddly adventurer! 

Sophie also loves cuddles like her sister. She seems to feel comfortable with everyone around her and loves to communicate with humans. She has an adorable stain on her nose and likes to be taken care of! She loves to play with her siblings but sometimes desires a bit of privacy for her nap time. She is often looking for milk and sucks on clothes or blankets. A purr machine!

We are not sure how they would be with a dog or other cats but are super easy going with humans so long as they have a lot of love to give them. They are happy, healthy and house-trained. We will only be rehoming the kittens as a pair.

Age: 6 weeks when rescued on 18/07/19
Spayed: No
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

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