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Clark and Magellan

Magellan, Clark and their now-adopted sibling Ziggy (black) were rescued from a colony of wildies we are trapping, health-checking, neutering/ spaying and returning to a garden in Ballymun.
The boys are inseparable – not that they don’t have fun on their own sometimes, but they are very very close.
Magellan (black and white – both eyes black) is a confident, affectionate adventurer (hence his name) who really brings out the best in Clark (black and white), who is a little bit more cautious. They’re complete opposites but compliment each other perfectly!
They are more than ready to be adopted and will make amazing pets
Clark just LOVES to play, he is extremely smart and curious, he is always the first to figure out a puzzle and follows his fosterers wherever they go to see what they’re getting up to. He has also been fortunate to be blessed with photogenic beauty!
Their fosterer says they have never met a more warming or confident cat as Magellan! They have come a long, long way since they arrived with their foster carers. Initially, they were scared as they were not used to being around people. Now Magellan is crazy for attention (when he is not involved in exploration). He has no problem being picked up and just loves laying out on his back and getting tummy rubs. When Clark hears all those purrs, he’ll be up like a shot wondering how he can get a piece of the petting action without seeming too eager. Clark’s not a huge fan of being picked up but he loves affection and has started actively seeking it from his fosterers. Once he succumbs to the purrs he doesn’t want you to stop.
Clark is so happy to sleep beside his fosterer on the couch and although he’s still shy he follows them to whatever room they are in and sleeps outside their bedroom door to wait for them.
These guys are a beautiful pair with personality in spades. They really love each other and will spend hours grooming each other which is very cute to watch. Their personalities really complement each other and it’s great that Clark, who can be shy from time to time, can follow his outgoing brother’s lead. These guys would be happy as long as they have each other.
Their fosterers say they are really going to miss them when they are adopted. Clark and Magellan are so close and would be suited to a safe, loving home with a garden to hone their exploration skills a little further – they are so curious about the outdoors!
It may take them a few weeks to settle in to a new home but once they do they will be the most loving cats. Their fosterers wish they could adopt them themselves! They are soooo ready to be adopted!
We do not know how they get on with dogs or other cats. They are happy, healthy and fully litter trained.

Age: Approx 6 weeks old when rescued on 30/06/19
Neutered: No
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

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