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Gaspare was rescued from a garden in Donnybrook. He had been living there for several years and was minded by a kind family as if he was their own. Unfortunately the family had to move and could not bring Gaspare, but they wanted to make sure this sweet boy had a safe place to go.

Gaspare is a gentle kitty who likes to be scratched and let the family lift him. As he is used to living outdoors, Gaspare is quite independent but will never refuse cuddles. He will purr away when he gets comfortable! Gaspare is quite playful, seems to enjoy company, and loves to lounge in the garden in the summer.

The family looking after Gaspare brought him into their house multiple times when the weather was bad or when Gaspare wasn’t well. Gaspare was very happy to stay in the bathroom, being fed and sleeping next to the radiator! He has come voluntarily into the house on his own accord several times through the cat flap. Gaspare spent a lot of time with the family’s older kitty (who has since passed away sadly) in the back garden. However, we are unsure of his experiences with other kitties, dogs and children.
Gaspare has recently been brought into our care, healthchecked and neutered. He initially was a little scared, but once food was brought out he became best friends with his fosterer! He is a sweet boy who loves rubs and will cuddle and knead in your lap.
Gaspare would love a home with indoor/outdoor access to a safe and secure back garden via cat flap.

Age: Approx 3 years old when rescued on 11/03/19
Neutered/ Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated No
Microchipped: No

Reduced cost vaccinations and microchipping available.

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