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Kevin and Kyle

Kyle and Kevin are approximately four months old, they are brothers and are fully vaccinated. They are full of energy and love spending time with each other, chasing after laser pointers and each other! They are both friendly and are great friends. They would be best suited for adoption together but, if separated, they will need a lot of individual attention as they are attached to each other and play vigorously with one another all the time.

Ideal home would be with adults only or adults with older kids.
Kevin has a white muzzle and loves eating and playing wrestling with his brother. He has a cute little white mouth and is a little bigger than his brother. He is very curious and will do anything for boiled pieces of chicken. He can come across as being a bit shy.
Kyle. He is slightly smaller than his brother but is fearless.He is very affectionate, loves playing and eats like a little horse. He purrs away like a little machine and has endless amounts of energy!

Please get in touch with CatsAid if you are interested to learn more about these cuties!

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