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London and Kitty

London and Kitty are two very healthy and large female spayed cats with a sad history. London and Kitty only emigrated to Ireland this February from Canada, but sadly their owner is terminally ill and wants to find a loving indoor home together for her cats before she departs this life. London is 3 and is smoky grey and white and Kitty is 10 years old and is a tortie.

Kitty randomly showed up at their previous owners door in the middle of a harsh Canadian winter one year. It was about minus 26 degrees Celsius. She had a little bit of frost bite on her ears and was meowing outside the door. As soon as she was let in, she jumped on the sofa and stayed.
London was also a stray to a feral mum in Canada who wasn’t able to care for all her kittens so London was partly hand reared. London likes to knead suckle fluffy blankets.

Both Kitty and London LOVE temptations treats in the morning and they get quite vocal when you say that word so be prepared for a little laugh.

Kitty used to be an outdoors cat but has been an indoor cat for the past 6 years. She loves love, and always wants a cuddle. She enjoys her cat post and cat nip. She enjoys a good cuddle in bed too and snuggles in tight.
London is a little timid sometimes but definitely one with a big heart. She enjoys a cuddle but usually if there is a blanket over her and loves burying under the duvet. She also loves the cat post and enjoys a bit of cat nip.

Their favourite toys are little scrunched up chocolate wrappers that they favour more than the expensive toys. They get hours of enjoyment out of them.

Kitty is the more confident cat and London looks to her for approval of strange environments or people so they do need to be homed together but they are absolutely adorable sweethearts with so much love to give which is thanks to their previous owner who due to ill health has made the utterly heart breaking decision to do what’s in their best interests and find them a home where they can live together forever. Whoever is lucky enough to have these two will find themselves cherished and showered with love and purrs .

In Canada it used to be legal and common practice to declaw cats – hence why Kitty has no front claws. It became illegal shortly after, hence why London has her claws.

Homecheck applies please. Both cats have current passports. Please call Marie on 085 1653731 if you would like to meet this lovely pair.

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