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Pearl is a beautiful black princess with mesmerizing green eyes who was abandoned when heavily pregnant. Her kittens have now been adopted and it is time for Pearl to settle into a loving home of her own.

Pearl was given her name by one of the lovely vets at Raheny Vet because of her super shiny coat. She’s tiny – only really a kitten herself and super affectionate.

She is sooo friendly and approaches you as soon as you appear to have her head rubbed and her cheeks stroked – standing on her hind legs to reach your hand if necessary. She just throws herself on her back and displays her belly for rubs and purrs away.

She still has her kittenish playfulness – we often wonder whether she is making up for a kittenhood she never had. Although she will allow herself to be picked up, she prefers to come and lie on the sofa beside her humans and be stroked (and stroked and stroked…). She loves her food (wet and dry) and is very vocal when she gets hungry!

The one thing Pearl longs for is a large, safe garden to explore.

We do not know how she gets on with young children or dogs. She does not like her fosterer’s cat one little bit but is certainly very curious. This may just be a purr-sonality clash but we feel Pearl may be best suited to being sole queen of her fur-ever castle. Pearl is happy, healthy and housetrained.

(Reduced cost vaccinations and microchipping available)

Age: Approx 7-12 months old when surrendered into our care on 16/05/19
Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

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