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When Rory was surrendered into our care, her humans did not tell us about any of her behavioural problems. She was very stressed by the move and her fear of unknown humans made her react aggressively at first. In addition, she would not leave the very small space where she felt least threatened and would be extremely hostile towards any human or other cat trying to approach her. Her fur was very matted and she would be sick with hairballs.

Her very experienced fosterer has spent a lot of time and effort showing Rory that life does not have to be this way! She is a different cat now!! She has become much more open and she greets her fosterer warmly when she comes home from work. She even greeted a new human recently! She allows her fosterer to pet her and carry her around the apartment. She won’t tolerate being groomed yet but her fosterer has a lovely soft brush and is working on this – so, hopefully, no more nasty hairballs soon.. She still doesn’t leave her safe area voluntarily and she still hisses when she feels insecure.

We are looking for a very calm, peaceful home for Rory with a patient, experienced human to love her and continue reassuring her that nothing bad is about to happen.

Age: Approx 9 years old when surrendered into our care on 26/04/19
Spayed: Yes
Vaccinated: No
Microchipped: No

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