HI my name is Angus..I’m a new boy in town
Another wee soul by a human let down
Until I found life wasn’t good
I was badly mistreated and left without food

Curled up in a ball at the side of the road
With no one to love me and no fixed abode
Nervous and weiry my eyes don’t see well
If only my story to you I could tell

But since I found cara I’m coming along
I’m learning to trust and I’m getting strong
The vet he does reckon I’m about 9mths old
My vision ain’t good that’s what I’ve been told

I just need some patience loving and time
I know I can do this..I know I’ll be fine
I just need a humans perhaps on my own
Or another nice doggie who won’t boss me or moan

I’m totally house trained and I don’t wreck or chew
Lead training is slow it’s tough and it’s new.
If you’d like to meet me.well.that’s a good start
If you think you could love me with all of your heart

Please make some enquiries. .pick up the phone
Or email the

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