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🐻 Bear has had no luck finding his forever home 💔 he is the most loving boy!

Since bear has been in foster, he has taken on regular training sessions. He knows basic commands such as sit, down, paw, leave it, ok and bed. In his training Bear has worked very hard on not pulling on his leash. He is doing well 80% of the time. He does still get excited when he sees other people as he wants all the rubs but if you keep a little distance between you and the distraction and tell him to sit, he watches the distraction pass by. Bears recall is coming on great too. Bear has been around children and is very gentle & careful around them. He is good with other dogs but slow introductions would be a must.

Bear is such a gentle dog and loves curling up on the sofa. He is crate trained for night time/being left alone. His favorite toy is a tug rope or a stick he finds on a walk. As is law, bear is great wearing a muzzle. Bear is extremely food motivated and loves to please. When greeted or telling him he is a good boy, his whole body wiggles.

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