03/06/2022 Still Looking for a home….Conan is a big, beautiful 3 year old ex-racing greyhound, standing 28 inches to his shoulder. He is a very sensitive boy who likes sameness, changes to his routine or walk routes can throw him. He likes to know where he is going and if it’s a new place he can stall, freeze or bark when he’s feeling unsure. He is in foster with another female greyhound and female lurcher. He gets on very well with both girls, and has even succumbed to our lively lurcher Aisling’s charms to play, which he really enjoys now. Conan is a real creature of comfort and habit, he wants a quiet life with lots of familiarity. In his comfort zone, he’s easy going, affectionate and very straight forward, he likes an easy, steady pace to life. He loves people and enjoys his cuddles, he will stretch out as long as he can and take up the full couch, but will happily share the space too with his foster siblings. He loves his food, preferring to eat later in the day, and doesn’t counter surf. He’s happy in the car but does need some help getting in.
We’ve found he is most comfortable around other hounds, has no reaction meeting new hounds on his outings but other breeds he’s not so sure of.
He is housetrained, sleeps through the night, and is a pleasure to look after when life is kept simple and repetitive for him. The sound of metal in particular frightens him, and he does get nervous about coming down steps/stairs. Conan does get overwhelmed in busy places, we are hoping that quiet, countryside set household is out there for him, where he will be given the time and understanding to work through his fears and feel safe. He’s such a lovely boy and will lean into you for reassurance at every opportunity.
Conan is neutered, chipped, fully vaccinated including kennel cough and rabies, passported, worm and parasite treated.

  • : DPT200002C
  • : 972274000495641

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