Dozer is about 3 years old, he is an affectionate Labrador/Mastiff cross who is energetic & lively dog who is well behaved. He interacts well with other dogs and will take every chance to play. He has shown no aggression towards other dogs in our care and is living at Heart of Ireland Animal Rescue with nine other dogs. He loves long rambles and will play forever if given the chance and then he will collapse into a cuddle mood which he loves. Beware he can take over a sofa or easy chair in a moment when the mood takes him wanting loads of attention. Dozer has an instinctive liking of women and can show nervousness when first meeting men but that does fade after a short while, he can be won over by the offer a treat and the chance of a cuddle. He will thrive with a family who like the outdoor life. If you would like to consider Dozer please email us or call on 087.187.4268

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