Dubh unfortunately has come back to us due to a change in family circumstances, no fault on Dubh’s part, his family reluctantly gave him back. He is a young lurcher boy, 2.5 years old who has lived as an only dog with a family with children, who he was great with.

Dubh is a great companion, he loves cuddling up on the couch and also loves to interact with you with his toys. He is funny, a little goofy, loves to say hello to everyone he meets on his walks. He can be a bit jumpy, but only when it’s time to go out or when he plays with another furry friend.

He enjoys his walks and will collapse on the couch after, but if you say lets go after a half an hour he will jump ready to go again. Dubh loves food and may clean the counter if he sees something that has been forgotten on there, but that’s just a typical sighthound trait. He will do anything for food but he is not possessive or aggressive with it. He does get excited when he sees a cat but it is easy to distract him away from them. He is fantastic in the car and although strong, he is good on a lead. He is fully house trained.

He will be suited for a family with maybe older children and someone that is home most of the time as he currently does not like being left at home for too long on his own.

Dubh is neutered, chipped, vaccinated including kennel cough, has rabies vaccination and passported, had a dental and treated for worms and parasites.

  • : DPT200002C
  • : 972274200056420

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