Emma is a 1 year old terrier x. She came into our care from the pound with her brother Eoin. She is a very sweet and very shy character. Emma was so frightened when she arrived, she was not at all used to being handled, but never once beared her teeth or gave a growl. She has a beautiful temperament but will need a home with extra understanding and patience for her nervous ways. She will run in fear with anything new so will need a very secure garden for toilet trips and a sniff around. She loves being in the company of other dogs, it reassures her and she would really benefit from living in a home with canine company. She is house trained and lead trained, and enjoys the comfort of her crate to pop in and out when she wants some space. She will learn to trust once given the time to come to you. She loves to play ball and have a run, but would need to be kept on lead when not in a secure area.
Emma is spayed, fully vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, microchipped and ready to meet her new family.
Unique Registration No: DPT200002C
Chip number: 972274200051622

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