Harvey has been very unlucky and we do not really understand why, this is the 2nd time he has been returned to us. Harvey was adopted as a puppy in 2014 and was returned in 2017 as the children who were born after his adoption were allergic to dogs. Harvey went on to be adopted but was returned in the new year. Even though the property was secure, he was managing to climb onto the shed to escape and they were having difficulty with him meeting other dogs when on walks.
Harvey had been in foster with other dogs and there were no issues other than he is not keen on big dogs but dogs his own size he gets on well with, we can only assume the new families nervousness about meeting dogs on walks transferred to Harvey and he was trying to protect them. This does not help Harvey now as he is still unsure of new dogs but its only bigger ones. All he needs is a confident person to get back into socialising him with new dogs, and taking the lead in new situations, we know Harvey can mix with other dogs.
Harvey is a terrier beagle cross and will be 6 in April, he is house trained, lead trained, has good recall, good with people and older children 12 plus are more suitable for him. Harvey is an easy dog to care for, he enjoys his walks and loves to spend time with his family.
Harvey needs to be only dog in a family home due to how he feels about meeting new dogs and really needs help with getting over his fear. We need a special family for Harvey who have the time and commitment to give him what he needs to make meeting dogs more enjoyable for him again.
Can this be Harveys 3rd time lucky to get to live the rest of his life with a family.
Unique Registration No: DPT200002C
Chip No: 9722742000372102

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