Henley is a German Shepherd Akita x turning 2 years old this March. His owners had given him away to be a guard dog as they were not able to handle him. Thankfully he was no good as a guard dog and came to us when he ended up in the pound.
Henley has been with us a while and we’ve gotten to know him well. He is a fantastic boy, in the right hands and the right setting he will continue to thrive but it is important that we get the match right for Henley.
Henley is a very strong dog, he requires an owner experienced in Shepards/Akitas or similar breeds. He is very clever and responds very well to clear instruction and boundaries. Henley needs someone who can guide him and continue the training he has received at the kennels. He will sit and wait before entering or exiting doors, he has excellent recall, loves playing ball and having a dip in water. As a restricted breed, he will need to wear a muzzle when in public places.
Henley is uneasy around young children so needs an adult only home where routine and structure is maintained. In a busy environment he can get easily distracted and excitable, so we think a rural setting will suit him best. Henley is still very much a big puppy who missed out on a lot of early socialisation and training, being the big, powerful boy he is, its important he has an owner who understands his ways and needs.
Henley is looking for a home with no other dogs and no cats. He needs the full attention of his owner, he is very loyal and will be a one person dog. Henley is not a dog for a novice owner.
Henley is neutered, chipped, fully vaccinated including kennel cough and rabies, passported, worm & parasite treated.

  • : DPT200002C
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