Jack came to us Christmas week as the pound was closing for Christmas and they needed to empty the pound one way or another. We took Jack even though Staffies are not our strong point but felt if we didn’t he would not get out.

Jack has come on leaps and bounds in the last 3 months, he learns very quickly, has lost the attitude he had and is very friendly happy easy dog. Jack is good with food, good on a lead, good recall, likes people and children. His only downside is he has to be supervised with dogs as he can push his dominant side, he mixes well with the dogs in the kennels who are all ages and sizes but its all under supervision.

We are looking for a family with staffy experience as not every family would be confident with this breed and understand how to work with them. Since being neutered you can see a huge difference in his attitude he is much more chilled. He could live with another dog a female would suit better and its best for the family to bring their dog to meet Jack. We are looking for a family, if they have children with teenagers upwards only, young children could be too much for Jack.

We believe he is 4 years of age and he is a cross but we do not know what he is crossed with, he was surrendered to the pound but again we do not know why so we can only give information on him from the day he arrived to now. Home visit and adoption fee applies.

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