Jenny is a collie cross born on 3rd of February. She is a cute bundle of fluff at the moment but she will grow quickly and be medium size when fully grown. Collies are working dogs and need a home where they will get the exercise and stimulation required of this breed, collies also herd and will herd children unless experienced with collies older children are more suitable. All pups no matter what breed will nip, bite, jump, scratch and need to be taught what is acceptable so commitment is required, puppy classes are a great way to learn about your puppy and also great for a pup to also learn how to socialise with other dogs, people and situations. Collies are great family pets once the work gets put in at the start, they learn fast as a very clever breed. Jenny will be available in a few weeks once she gets her 2nd vaccination and chip. Home visit, adoption fee and spay agreement applies.

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