Kenny is hoping to find his own family, he’s such a beautiful good natured lovable boy.
He is approx 1 to 2 years old.
Kenny loves to snuggle on the couch. He loves meat especially chicken & ham, he’s not bothered with treats. He’s good on the leash, but can pull when something distracts him, as he’s very strong so a little more training needed. Kenny jumps into the car now, but is still a bit nervous.
He likes children, but not younger recommended, as he’s so strong & loves to jump up & can nip when playing. He loves playing tug of war, chewing up his teddies, playing with tennis balls & footballs. He understands stay, sit, no, go & come. He is not destructive in the home. He would prefer to have someone home most of the time, as he likes to just know you’re there. He would love a quiet home in a quiet area, where he won’t encounter many dogs, with a large enclosed garden, where he can explore off leash. He’s no concept of traffic. He was completely shut down when he arrived from the pound to foster & now he’s full of life, tail constantly wagging, but still very nervous of new things & new people. He just needs time, patience & love. He deserves a 5* home & family.

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