Oxanna is our mischievous duracell bunny! She is approximately 18 months old and very petite, 21.5 inches to her shoulder. She’s very pretty and full of the joys of life, she is funny and you can’t help but smile when you’re in her company.
Oxanna is full of puppy antics, on the go constantly, tormenting her foster brothers to play non-stop. She can be boisterous with them, and while they have great patience with her, it will be important to keep working on boundaries in her training. She has a face that says you cant be cross with me but she must continue to understand when its time to stop. She is the picture of innocence when she is asleep!
She is a very confident girl, can be strong on lead to begin with, she’s still learning and finding her way. She’s a big character for a small little lady and definitely has her own ideas about what she wants to do. Toilet training is a work in progress but getting there.
She does love the company of other dogs, but it would have to be a like minded dog who would be able for her energy and vivacious character. She needs a home without cats and small sized dogs. An adult home or home with older children will best suit as she could easily knock over a small child unintentionally when zooming about.
Oxanna is spayed, fully vaccinated including kennel cough, chipped, worm and parasite treated.

  • : DPT200002C
  • : 972274200239383

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