Pepe 💜

Pepe has just turned 4 years old and been in our care a couple of months.

He is pretty easy going like most brindle Greyhounds, enjoys his walks, trips in the car and snoozing.

Pepe is in foster with a female greyhound and gets on well with her.

Pepe is house trained, sleeps quietly all night on the couch and gives a huge welcome to his foster mum in the morning.

Pepe can bark sometimes if people pass by his home or at other dogs while walking, its not all dogs and no particular breed of dog, its not a bark to cause any trouble it’s more to say hey I am here.

There was a bichon as a family pet at the kennels he lived at and his owner said he showed no interest in him. Pepe was out for a walk with a terrier recently and again he showed no interest in him. He would need to meet any small dog a few times if a potential home had a small dog.

Pepe can live with another dog or as an only dog, he can live in the country, a town even a city. Traffic does not startle or bother him. He is pretty universal.

Pepe is neutered, vaccinated including kennel cough, microchipped & passported.

  • : DPT200002C
  • : 972274000471451

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