Pepper is an ex-racing greyhound who will be 2 years old in July, he is 28″ tts. He is a confident young greyhound who seems to be very happy with life. He walks well on the lead, he’s a bit hesitant when he gets to the main road and is nervous of big trucks and noisy trailers, with plenty of exposure he will overcome this.
Pepper has learned so much since he’s come to foster, he’s so clever. He has figured out where the dog food is kept and also the humans food! He’s a counter surfer, and nothing is safe. He has a very long reach. He has turned on the cooker and tried sorting the dishes in the sink. He’s nearly toilet trained, he has the odd accident in the kitchen but this is improving every day. He’s very vocal, will bark, sing and whine without much encouragement. He is very affectionate, loves his cuddles and rubs, and will lean in for them. He travels well in the car, we’ve only done short journeys to date and there’s been no issues. Pepper can be exuberant and needs to be the only dog in his new home, he can be bossy but has had no problems meeting other dogs out on walks. He sleeps well downstairs in the hallway on his own.
Pepper is neutered, chipped, fully vaccinated including KC, passported, worm and flea treated.

  • : DPT200002C
  • : 977200009453713

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