Roderick & Stewart

We are Roderick & Stewart and we are two fabulous Chinese Crested boys. We are not Siblings but are aged 1 year (Roderick) and 18 months (Stewart). We are super friendly boys and get along really well with both cats and dogs, as well as people of course. We love cuddles and we are LOTS OF FUN. We are quite high energy dogs so need an active home. We are ok on the lead and not stressed with traffic during walks. We are good in the car, especially if we share the crate. We are crate trained and sleep happily in our crate at night.

We love our treats and food in general. We are getting better with our toilet training so new owners would need to be prepared to continue with that. We are better suited for a family with older children. We have no problem making friends with anyone, big or small. We need to be kept warm so coats and jumpers essential.

We are looking for a home together if possible as we are quite bonded.

We met a lovely lady at AniEd last week and here is what she had to say about each of us:
Stewart is a little more sensitive and quieter than Rod. He is confident, outgoing and very friendly. He is a little worried by sudden noises but is easily redirected and LOVES hotdog. He enjoys cuddles and massages, and is very affectionate.

Roderick is a live wire! He is super friendly and confident, loves to be in on all the action. He prefers not to be picked up too much and can get a little over-excited when greeting and meeting new people, and may mouth gently a bit. Roderick finds the world a very exciting place, and is just such a happy-chappy!

This breed will need special attention to being kept warm and their skin cared for. They prefer to be fed a good quality wet food, ideally from Kong toys, which they love! These guys are in great health so will just require maintenance throughout their lives.

Although Chinese Crested are considered toy breeds, these guys are in it for fun and will need active lives.
They don’t quite have the right conformation for agility, and will need further training. They will need plenty of adventure and play every day too!

We are neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. If you thing you can offer us the loving home we deserve please go to

and fill out adoption form.

Here we are in action:

Roderick & Steward

Rod and Stewart from A Dogs Life have some fun during their evaluation yesterday. These two are looking for a new home together or separately. If you think you can offer them the perfect life, check out

Posted by AniEd on Friday, February 2, 2018

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