Spice is ready to look for a home and this special girl is looking for a particular home.
Spice had her front leg amputated in mid May as she came to us with an untreated injury, her leg was of no use to her, just dangling there getting in the way. Spice has been amazing with her recovery and having 3 legs has not stopped her doing anything, she followed foster mum Susan up the stairs a few weeks back and bombed it down again, while Susan closed her eyes and prayed, Spice didn’t care she knew she was well able.
Spice sleeps with Susan’s 3 dogs and there is not a peep out of her, obviously to begin with she would need to sleep separate from other dogs in the home just till everyone gets to know each other.
Spice has not had one accident since the day she arrived but does need to know where to go and in this weather a back door can be kept open into a secure garden. She is not destructive and does not have separation anxiety you can go out and there will not be a bark or a cry from her.
Spice does need another dog for company, she loves Darcy the collie the most and follows him everywhere which has been very helpful when she started to be left off lead, Spice kept Darcy in her sights all the time and did what he did.
For a nervous dog letting her off lead was a big thing and for her to stay and come back is just huge, shows how happy she is and she can be allowed freedom to run once she trusts her humans.
Spice is very nervous of new people, new sounds, anything new, but her confidence grew in week 3 and now she Is enjoying being petted once it is on her own terms. Spice needs a family who will just let her get there in her own time, not fuss over her or try to get her to do anything like being touched until she is ready and she will progress, we have seen that in her foster home.
Spice loves her grub but no food aggression, but I would still feed separately while settling in. She has fierce stamina walking. Has met other dogs on walks, is nervous so can get vocal but it’s just her defense mechanism. Loves her soft beds and really enjoys her many naps. She will begin to trust at a slow pace and has taken to indoor living like a duck to water.
Spice will be 2 in September and her true character will come out in time, she can be a bit of a spoil sport when others play as she does not fully understand playing and is a bit of a mother hen telling everyone to stop having fun and be sensible. Spice needs another nice tempered dog as company who she can follow and have for comfort and reassurance, a family that will give her all the time she needs to come to them for rubs and hopefully progress to hugs. She will need a very secure garden as she is nervous, anything could make her bolt. We would suggest older children 12 upwards only because she is nervous & older children would understand not to dash around or spook her. Spice is small in height and size and just a really outstanding girl after all she has been through, humans could learn a lot from Spice.

Unique Registration No: DPT200002C
Chip No: 972274200050936

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