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Thena came to us for the pound about to give birth , completely scared of Humans and really obvious she had never had human affection of any form .
It’s when you meet a dog like Thena you question what mankind has done to her .

She gave birth to 6 beautiful pup’s and was such a good mum , she totally adored them .
Thena really enjoy’s your company but it would take alot of time before she would allow you to show her affection. She is one of the smallest shepherds we have seen and not a bad bone in her body . She really enjoys playing with pups and young dogs , she has discovered what having fun is . She is approximately 18 months -2 years old .
She does not enjoy having a lead put on her , so a lifestyle that is more free , where she has a garden large enough to play and would need to be enclosed. She now jumps straight in the car excited for her walk , we never thought we would see that day , she stays with us on walk and her recall is great now but again she knows us very well now .
When it comes to Thena’s new home , we know its going to take someone very kind and really wants to rescue , not just get a rescue dog . Everyone wants the puppies but not always wants the mum unfortunately.
She needs that special family and someone to want and love her , I guarantee you she will give it all back and more .
She would definitely need another kind and gentle dog ( preferably a male ) or dogs who would love to play with Thena , her best friend is Beau and her last puppy Oliver .

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