Vadar is ready to start looking for a home but please read his profile as he has certain requirements. 
Vadar came from Waterford Pound with some issues and was to be put to sleep as they could not safely rehome him but we stepped in. 
Vadars issues were mostly because he was very nervous in the pound, he would not let the staff touch him. He would growl, bark & snap.  Unfortunatly the staff are not there enough to give time to individual dogs, thats where rescue comes in. 
Vadar needs the following from his new home:
* Must be the only dog in the home
* No young children, teenagers upwards only
* An owner who will not over spoil him
* Secure garden as always required
Vadar is approx 4 years old and is a small cross breed.  He looks very cute and used to getting his own way which has made him yappy like most small dogs. He has not been socialised previously with dogs.  We can imagine he was a dog that an owner picked up if they met other dogs when out walking rather than letting them meet and sniff like dogs do.  Vadar can meet dogs on walks and the more he does the better he is getting, this needs to continue at his new home. Vadar is high energy and will need 2 long walks every day as can get a bit touchy if not given the exercise he needs.
As Vadar is in kennels we do not know if he is house trained  but house training is not hard to do.
Vadar is neutered, chipped, wormed, de flead and fully vaccinated.
Please read this link and fill out the application form within the link if you wish to express an interest in Vadar.

Unique Registration No: DPT200002C

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