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  • Are Adopt A Pet a rescue?

    No. We are a website that brings together all the rescues and pounds in Ireland. Unfortunately we don’t have room in the office to keep any animals!

  • Can I bring my dog or pet to you?

    No, we are not a rescue – please see above

  • Where can I see a list of rescues?


  • Where can I see a list of pounds?


  • Will I be able to see all rescues and pounds in Ireland?

    Yes. If you know of one that we have not mentioned please contact us so we can add to the list

  • I am a rescue and cannot see my logo?

    As above please contact us so we can add to the site

  • Do you include Northern Ireland?

    Yes. As we are a small island lost or stolen pets can easily travel in both directions and end up in rescues that you would not otherwise know about

  • Do the shelters charge for rehoming?

    Yes of course. Rescues and pounds spend a lot of money on feeding, neutering, vet bills and staff to look after these pets. Please always give the minimum amount required and more if you can afford it.

  • What is the difference between a rescue and a pound?

    Rescues have a no kill policy and will keep the animal till a home is found. Pounds have a policy of keeping the animal for 5 days and if not claimed they can be PTS (put to sleep).

  • Can any rescue or pound upload their pets for Adoption?

    Yes please contact us for a logon if you do not already have one

  • Can individuals upload their pets for adoption?

    Unfortunately no. This website is only for rescues and pounds

  • Can I advertise my lost pet here?

    No. We do not have a lost and found section. Please see lost and found information under Pet Care

  • Do you charge for uploading pets for adoption?

    No and we never will

  • What type of animals can I expect to see?

    Mostly dogs, cats and horses. There will also be pigs, goats, rabbits, small furries, exotic pets and any other animals that a rescue might put up for adoption

  • I would like to adopt a pet on your site?

    Should I contact you? No. Please contact the shelter or rescue that the pet is in.

  • Can I donate to you?

    No as much as we would like to take your money we are not a rescue! Soon we will have a donate button on every rescues page so you can contribute directly to the great work that they do